Aggressive Metals - Metal Fabricators

Type of manufacturing services available:
  • Welded assemblies, frames, tanks, containers, & hoppers
  • Tanks square or round, up to 7000 gallons (larger in some circumstances)
  • Ornamental Railing
  • Rolled cones 3" and larger
  • Skids, bases, stands, guards, chutes, brackets, shelves, racks, & mounts.
  • Manifolds, welded pipe assemblies with or without mechanical assembly and valves
  • Cut and formed shapes: laser, water jet, high-def plasma, flame

Major products produced at this facility:
  • Tanks, hoppers (rolled or square)
  • Rolling up to 3/16, square tanks up to
  • Ornamental Railings
  • Pump Base mounts & skids
  • Enclosures & racks
  • Filtration Equipment, Tankage, Piping, Manifolds, Assembly

Please contact Neil at 920-988-1166 for a quote.

Contact Info:
P: 920-988-1166

Parcel Delivery Address:
629 East Lake St.
Lake Mills, WI 53551


Aggressive Metals - Metal Fabricators

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